topics prelims 2018 sep – nov



  1. Centre Panel Recommendations on Hate Speech
  2. Inner Party Democracy
  3. Law Panel on Tribunals ______ Suggests CJI-led body oversee appointments
  4. Public Finance Management System
  5. Law Commission Proposes Anti Torture Legislation
  6. The Bureau of Indian Standards Bill, 2015
  7. 15th Finance Commission
  9. Program to Train Elected Women Representatives(EWRs) of Panchayati Raj Institutions
  10. More Seats for Sikkim Assembly





  1. India-EU
  2. Chabahar Port
  3. India-Africa
  4. Iran Nuclear Deal –CRITICISM
  5. Catalonia’s Independence Referendum
  6. The Kurdish Independence Referendum
  7. US Withdraws from UNESCO
  8. Palestine Joins Interpol
  9. UNSC Reform
  10. Belt and Road Initiative __The $900bn question
  11. ASEAN one vision one identity and one community
  12. India-Sri Lanka
  13. Indian Jugde Re-elected at ICJ
  14. India-Singapore
  15. UN Partnership Fund
  16. Global Conference on Cyber Space
  17. Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017
  18. Islamic Alliance to Fight Terrorism
  19. India’s Membership for European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
  20. Boosting Agri-Exports




  1. Recapitalisation Plan for Banking Sector
  2. Ease of Doing Business: World Bank Global Entrepreneurship Index Human Development Index  ,Global Competitiveness Index
  4. National e-Governance Services Ltd (NeSL)
  6. SEBI Panel on Corporate Governance
  7. State of Commodity Dependency 2016: UNCTAD
  8. Edible Oil Import Govt raises import tax on edible oils to highest in a decade
  9. Boosting Silk Production — To increase silk production Govt has pumped Rs 690 crore: CSB
  10. Bharatmala Project
  11. Hydropower Generation in India Challenges and Prospects
  12. Hydro PowerPotential of Northeast India and it’s Development
  13. China’s Water Diversion Is Not Responsible For Brahmaputra River
  14. Kashmir: Pakistan and Indiarace for Himalayan hydro power
  15. SRISTI
  16. Ro-Ro Ferry Service Launched
  17. Sampoorna Bima Gram Yojana
  18. Panel on Market Infrastructure Institutions
  19. Bharat Net Project
  20. Gold Options on Multi Commodity Exchange
  21. Price Capping of Medical Devices
  22. Linking Bank Lending Rates to External Benchmark
  23. Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending
  24. Land Bank for Industrial Allocation
  25. Project Chaman
  26. Nobel Prize in Economics
  27. Abu Dhabi to Invest in NIIF’s Master Fund
  28. Start-Up Sangam Initiative____________ Shri Dharmendra Pradhan launches Start-up Programmes for entrepreneurs in Oil and Gas sector 
  29. Saathi Scheme __(Sustainable and Accelerated Adoption of efficient Textile technologies to Help small Industries) 
  30. India share of global market capitalization narrows gap with GDP share
  31. North East Rural Livelihood Project
  32. UN Partnership Fund
  33. Boosting Agri-Exports
  34. Fishery Sector in India
  35. Seed Industry
  36. Open Access in Electricity
  37. National Anti-Profiteering Authority
  38. TRAI Recommendations for the Telecom Sector
  39. Net Neutrality
  40. Spectrum Relaxation
  41. Relaxation on Bilateral Transfer Pricing Policy
  42. White Paper on Data Protection Framework
  43. Coastal Economic Zone_______ Setting up of Coastal Economic Zones 
  44. Garment Sector
  45. National Power Portal (NPP)a Centralized Platform for Collation and Dissemination of Indian Power Sector Information 
  46. Global wealth report — a new billionaire every two days in 2017
  47. RKVY-Raftaar Farmers’ development scheme gets a three-year extension
  48. Draft Norms for Drones
  49. Geographical Indication – Gulbarga Tur Dal
  50. Global Financial Development Report __
  51. the global Financial Secrecy Index (FSI) 2018
  52. Audit of Aviation Sector in India
  53. Value Engineering Programme
  54. Logistic Sector Gets Infrastructure Status




  1. Urban terror.
  2. Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS)
  3. Digital Police Portal under CCTNS
  4. Free Movement Regime with Myanmar __ Govt reviews pact with Myanmar on free movement along border
  5. Creation of Space, Cyber and Special Operations Commands
  6. Integrated Check Posts
  7. INS Kiltan
  8. Island Development Agency
  9. Enhancing Security of Bay of Bengal
  10. Sampriti 2017
  11. NIRBHAY Supersonic Cruise Missile
  12. International Multilateral Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise





  1. Pesticide Poisoning
  2. Disaster-Related Displacement in India
  3. Pollution Related Death- Over a quarter of all fatalities in 2015 were in country: study.
  4. Outcome of PAT Scheme.
  5. CO2 in Atmosphere Hits Record High: UN
  6. Illegal Sand Mining__ Illegal Sand Mining: Steps taken by Government of India
  7. Guideline for Ground Water Usages by Industry
  8. Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals EU Funds CITES, UNODC and CMS Collaboration on Wildlife
  9. National Wildlife Action Plan and Secure Himalaya Environment Minister Inaugurates Global Wildlife Programme; Releases National Wildlife Action Plan 2017-2031 
  10. National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP
  11. Secure Himalaya
  12. Water Management Committee Set Up in North-East Govt sets up committee for water management in north-east
  13. . Rapid Warming of Arabian Sea ________ Rapid warming of Arabian sea among causes of 3-fold rise in erratic rain in central India: Weather experts
  14. Emission Norms for Power Plants in India
  15. Turtle Sanctuary in Allahabad
  16. Ichthyosaur Fossil Discovered
  17. New Guidelines on Compensatory Afforestation
  18. Bamboo ceases to be a tree, freed of Forest Act
  19. Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI )
  20. India among the bottom five countries on the Environmental Performance Index 2018, plummeting 36 points from 141 in 2016
  21. Sulphur Dioxide Emissions in India
  22. UN Emission Gap Report 2017
  23. Delhi Smog
  24. Ban on Polluting Fuels
  25. Permaculture



  1. Nobel in Chemistry
  2. Nobel Prize in Physics
  3. Nobel Prize in Medicine
  4. USFDA Approves Gene Therapy
  5. Embryo Transfer Technology
  6. Space activities bill
  7. Scoping Report on Antimicrobial Resistance in India
  8. Aditya L1
  9. Most Ancient Spiral Galaxy
  10. New Parasitic Plant
  11. Price Capping of Medical Devices



  1. Double Burden of Malnutrition in India
  2. Childhood Obesity
  3. Therapeutic Food
  4. Significant reductions in mortality from pneumonia, diarrhoea, neonatal infections and birth asphyxia— the Lancet 
  5. Global Hunger INDEX
  6. Public Health Cadre ___The case for a public health cadre
  7. Index for Tracking Performance of Hospitals Niti, HealthMin launch index to assess performance of district hospitals
  8. Passive Euthanasia


  1. Sex with a Minor Wife Amounts to Rape
  2. Sex Ratio Increase: (BBBP) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao led to improvement in sex ratio at birth’
  3. WHO Guidelines on Responding to Child Sex Abuse
  4. Global Gender Gap Report 2017
  5. India State Level Disease Burden Report
  6. Private health care
  7. India Youth Development Index and Report 2017
  8. National Rural Drinking Water Programme
  9. National Rural Drinking Water Programme NRDWP
  10. Creation of National Testing Agency
  11. Mission For Protection And Empowerment For Women
  12. Global Education Monitoring Report
  13. Sub-Schemes Under ICDS
  14. Moscow Declaration to End TB”



  1. Paika Rebellion
  2. World Monuments Fund Names 25 At-Risk Cultural Sites
  3. Adopt A Heritage Scheme
  4. International Dialogue on Civilisation
  5. Global Education Monitoring Report
  6. Sub-Schemes Under ICDS


  1. Ethics of Death Penalty




  1. Meenakshi Temple Gets ‘Cleanest Iconic Place’Tag
  2. Paryatan Parv
  3. Nobel Prize in Literature: Kazuo Ishiguro Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel prize in literature 2017
  4. Nobel Peace Prize 2017 Awarded to ICAN
  5. Climate Change Policy
  6. Delamanid- New TB Drug
  7. Unesco Award for Srirangam Temple
  8. Chennai in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network List
  9. Saubhagya Portal
  10. Ladakh Renewable Energy Initiative __Ladakh Renewable Energy Development Agency(LREDA)
  11. UMANG App
  12. India Road Assessment Programme
  13. . Nivesh Bandhu _“Nivesh Bandhu” An Investor Facilitation Portal